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Projects completed in the last ten years cover:

         Analysis of electricity markets and market design
         Private investment in the power and water sectors
         Electricity pricing: capacity, energy, backup, wheeling
         Wholesale electricity trading strategies
         Forecasting of electricity demand
         Analysis of regulatory framework
         Long range electrification studies
         Technical/ economic feasibility studies of power and water plants
         Cogeneration feasibility studies
         Electricity, natural gas, and water management and conservation studies
         Power plant performance studies

Representative project synopses:

National industrial strategy: This project examined the ability of the energy, electricity, and water infrastructure to meet the objectives of Saudi Arabia’s national industrial strategy. Recommendations made covered: 1) regulatory reform of the utilities sectors, 2) pricing for industrial use of energy, electricity, and water, 3) the application of demand response and technology choice guidelines, and 4) utilities long range planning.

Pricing of aluminum smelter standby and excess power rates: Assistance is provided to the key electric utility in Saudi Arabia in determining and negotiating standby and rates of excess power purchases.

GCC countries’ electrical energy export potential: This project examined the potential and the economic and institutional constraints of GCC countries to export excess electricity to countries in the region and beyond.

Analysis of Saudi Arabia long range electrification plan: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect demand response mechanisms and energy conservation policies have on Saudi Arabia’s long range plan in terms of peak demand, capacity requirements, capital requirements, and institutional development.

Southern Ghawar cogeneration: This project involved the evaluation of cogeneration potential in the southern Ghawar oil producing area, the specification of technical configuration, and conducting the required economic analysis.

Major electricity consumers’ pricing strategies and market profile: This project advanced recommendations on wholesale electricity trading and pricing strategies toward major electricity industrial consumers, potiential for on-site generation and the design of pricing structures.

The Saudi Arabian electricity market structure and characteristics: This project provided description of the electricity sector in Saudi Arabia in light of restructuring efforts and reforms of both 1974 and 1998. The analysis provides a description of the economic, regulatory, organizational, institutional background, the role of constituents, the presence of entry barriers, and the potential for market contestability.

Impact of electricity pricing on the competitiveness of Saudi Arabian industries: This study analyses industrial electricity consumption, end use technologies in place, the regulatory framework, and the impact restructured electricity markets have on Saudi Arabian industries.

Power and water plant configuration study - technical analysis, economic evaluation, transmission pricing, environmental evaluation, and regulatory analysis of a 2000 MW and 150 MIGD power/water plant: This study examines the feasibility of various power generation fuels, selects the appropriate power generation and water desalination technologies, evaluates the economics, assesses the regulatory requirements with regard to standby power, wheeling and transmission charges, and evaluates the impact of the plant on the regional economy. The analysis conducted involved both project financial analysis and national economic impact analysis.

Development of Saudi Aramco energy conservation program: This project was conducted over a period of three years. The objective was to analyze the potential for energy conservation corporate wide, the development of overall corporate energy strategies: outsourcing of utilities, IPP options, partnering with local electric utilities, role in regulatory reform and the restructuring process, and to establish the policy and regulatory requirements.

Oil and gas facilities’ electricity, natural gas, and steam consumption optimization studies: The work covered detailed energy engineering surveys of refineries, gas plants, and crude oil processing centers, analysis and estimates of electricity, natural gas, and steam costs and transfer prices, assessment of both technical and economic potential for reduction in electricity, natural gas, and steam consumption by end-use, and cost/benefit analysis of key electricity, natural gas, and steam optimization projects.

Strategic analysis of industrial cogeneration potential in Saudi Arabia: Efforts involved the assessment of industrial cogeneration potential in Saudi Arabia. The study analyzed the impediments to investments in cogeneration and the determinants of capacity under both efficiency and revenue maximization paradigms. The analysis was conducted from the electric utilities and the public sector points of view as well as that of industrial facilities.

Analysis and review of electricity demand forecasting system: This study reviewed the electric utility demand forecasting system and analyzed the electricity market in the service area.

Analysis of a failed nuclear power plant project - project analysis, and implications to future capacity planning and profitability: This study was commissioned to analyze the regulatory and economic factors underlying the failure of a nuclear power plant project.

Engineering/economic analysis of rural electricity consumption and conservation: This study involved the modeling and analysis of rural electricity consumption. Econometric models were designed and used to examine the impact of regulated prices on energy consumption and attitude toward energy conservation.

The planning and implementation of supply/demand natural gas forecasting system in Saudi Arabia: This project involved modeling the entire in-country energy demand and allocation system covering: gas, liquid fuel, power generation, water desalination, and industrial gas requirments.

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