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A.S. Azzouni Consultants offers a range of services to clients in the natural gas, water, and electricity sectors. We provide economic/engineering analysis and expert opinion on pricing, plant prudence and cost recovery, terms of access, project feasibility and contract performance. We analyze the competitiveness of utilities production, wholesale markets, transmission, and end-use markets in the context of restructuring, antitrust, mergers and acquisitions, and public sector planning. We provide advice to clients on service design and pricing and asset valuation as it relates to utilities procurement. We support electric utilities, deregulated power producers, customers, regulators, and policy makers with planning and expert opinion, and develop appropriate regulatory frameworks. We assist in the evaluation of restructuring strategies and the formulation of wholesale market strategies. We offer a range of operational and financial tools and models for the simulation and forecasting of market structures and conduct.

A.S. Azzouni Consultants helps industrial and institutional clients of electric utilities in particular to identify objectives and formulate procurement strategies, analyze energy usage, evaluate offers, and develop the technical, economic and strategic positions to implement feasible electricity procurement options. We are involved in both the analytical and strategic phases of contract development with utilities and in the negotiation process to help secure favorable purchase, sales and backup contracts.

Services provided cover:
         • Ratemaking and regulatory policy
         • Sector restructuring and reform
         • Asset valuation
         • Market assessment
         • Competitive utilities strategies
         • Contract negotiations
         • Climate change policy and planning
         • Demand response and energy efficiency
         • Natural gas, water, and electricity market modeling
         • Environmental compliance
         • Power, water, and cogeneration project feasibility
         • Utilities end-use analysis and evaluation
         • Fuel, water, and power utilities procurement
         • Development of market-based rates
         • Market design and competitive analysis
         • Renewable energy

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