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A.S. Azzouni Consultants was established in June 1993. The establishment of our organization coincided with consensus among public sector planning organizations and natural gas, water, and electricity utilities in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf of the continued difficulty to meet high demand for utilities in the presence of low utility tariff and limited availability of public funds to finance expansion of utilities infrastructure. The vision which evolved aimed at improving the efficiency of public utilities, revising tariff structures to reflect cost of service, establishing and enabling the required legal and regulatory frameworks, and privatizing public utilities. Despite progress toward this objective, meeting energy, electricity, and water consumption growth rates remains unsustainable. It is our belief that remedies are available to rationalize utilities consumption, rationalize their investment cost, pass the necessary policies, and enhance economic development.

Our experience enables us to assist clients in the changing regulated and competitive energy, water, and electricity markets of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Our clientele consists of public sector planning organizations, natural gas, water, and electricity utilities, industrial, commercial and institutional users of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, steam, water and wastewater services, as well as financial institutions and investors. Our work takes the form of studies, the preparation of economic and engineering analysis, and providing expert opinion. Our operation is independent of equipment vendors, the direct sale of utilities, and the operation of physical plants. This framework enables us to critically evaluate our clients' needs and to develop the required strategies, policies, and procurement options.

A.S. Azzouni Consultants is committed to producing results that will lead to the creation and enhancement of well functioning and economically efficient electricity, natural gas/fuel, and water sectors, markets, and industries in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. We are equally committed to the optimization of electricity, natural gas/fuel and water consumption of our industrial, commercial, and institutional clients. The value we bring through our efforts is inherent in our deep knowledge of the utilities situation in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, our experience and knowledge of state of the art work in the areas of energy economics, regulatory economics, energy engineering, utilities sector restructuring, and tariff design.

Our staff of partners, employees, consultants, and associates has on average twenty years of experience in the utilities industry. Their educational background covers economics, engineering, finance, and law. Their experience includes extensive service in the industry, government, and academia. Our resources are supplemented by working relationships and agreements with various United States, European, and Saudi Arabian engineering houses, management consulting firms, research organizations, electric, water, and gas utilities, and independent consultants.

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